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Anti Bird Netting

Anit bird netting is a 100% effective, low-profile, permanent solution to pest bird infestation. Install bird netting wherever you want to keep pest birds out of an area and away from products, crops and other valuable property.

Anti bird netting is ideal for zero-tolerance zones – excluding them completely!

Many facilities have semi-enclosed spaces and large open areas that invite pest bird roosting, perching and nesting. Bird netting is ideal for zero-tolerance zones – excluding them completely! Bird net creates a physical barrier. It prevents pest birds from entering areas where they need to be excluded.

Our bird netting is most effective when used to keep birds out of specific areas. This bird netting is so strong it even stands up to larger animals like deer, pigs, and dogs.

Prompt has developed special pigeon net to get rid of this menace caused by pigeons without hurting or killing them. The net is made of 100% CO-POLYMER NYLON and is translucent in color having mesh size of 1¼ x 1¼ square. The advantages of this bird net are given below:

Advantages Of Bird & Pigeon Net

  • Lightweight, pliable, maintenance-free material
  • Nearly invisible – netting is barely visible at a distance
  • Retains strength over time & resists elemental damage
  • ULTRA VIOLET STABILISED net does not get affected by SUN-LIGHT or RAINS.
  • 100% effective everywhere it is installed – great for zero-tolerance zones
  • Straightforward, one-time installation
  • Works to deter birds and other critters
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