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Bird Repellent Products


Prompt bird repellent products are safe, humane, eco-friendly and extremely effective. Click on the categories below to learn more about each type of bird control method and to decide which one best fits your situation and your budget. Pest bird infestation can result in property damage, health hazards, liability, product contamination and disease. Choose Prompt bird control products to eliminate pest birds – AND SAVE!

Sonic Bird Repellent

Sonic Bird Chaser uses a natural predatory principle to scare unwanted birds & pigeons from farms, yards, gardens or any other property

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Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

Repel pest birds discreetly and permanently using silent-to-humans ultrasonic sound waves! Extremely irritating and disorienting to birds

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Bird Repellent Gel

Bird gels are a low-profile option for grass, turf, foliage, structures and other surfaces where aesthetic quality needs to be maintained

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Balcony Bird Repellent

Bird Away is a pioneering combination of PIR, ultrasonic sound waves & pulsing strobe light to detect and keep pigeons out without harming them

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Irri Tape Bird Repellent

Visual scare holographic foil bird tape keeps pest birds away as material reflects flashes of light in the sun and makes metallic noises in the wind

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Scare Eyes Balloons

Visual scare, intimidating 3D predator balloons deter birds, pigeons, and other small pests. Simple, cost-effective solution

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Terror Eyes Balloons

Visual scare, menacing 3D balloon repels pest birds, pigeons, and other small animals. Terror Eyes moves in the wind, increasing efficacy

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Prowler Owl

Visual scare, lifelike owl replica of the most feared aerial predator keeps birds and pigeons away. Accurate plumage and hunting flight pose

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Laser Bird Repellent

Electronic laser bird repeller gets rid of pest birds in large indoor spaces. State-of-the-art, fully registered, consumer-safe device

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Anti Bird Netting

Bird netting is a 100% effective, low-profile, permanent solution to pest bird infestation. Exclude pest birds from entering or accessing specific areas.

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Bird Strobe Light

Electronic visual scare repels birds with flashing multi-colored pulsing strobe light. Gives off intimidating, intense white, red and blue light

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Bird Repellent Spikes

Bird spikes are a 100% effective, maintenance-free, permanent solution to pest bird infestation. Bird spikes are a guaranteed way to deter pest birds

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