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Ionfresher Air Purifier

The Ionfresher Air Purifier applies plasma techniques to remove odors, dust, dust mites, smoke, and bacteria, chemical, pollutants from the air. This new air purifier circulates the air electronically – without any moving mechanical parts. Large quantities of air are purified in silence. Ions stream in a natural breeze through the room. Like a magnet, the negatively charged ion stream draws the positively charged dirt and dust particles out of the air.


No fan, no filter and quiet Ionfresher Air Purifier!

PLASMA is often called the “Fourth State of Matter”, the other three being solid, liquid and gas. When enough atoms are ionized to significantly affect the electrical characteristics of the gas, it is plasma. Ionfresher Air Purifier applies PLASMA techniques to remove odors, dust, dust mites and bacteria, chemical pollutants from the air.

Other air purifiers have expensive filters that are fiddly and inconvenient to change. Not with the “Ionfresher” – the dirt sticks to the electrostatically charged metal ribs within the device can be easily washed off under running water or dusted off with the supplied brush.


  • Operates quietly without using fans or motors
  • A built-in green LED indicapor show the device is powered and operating properly
  • No filter required, so no replacement filter costs
  • Easy to maintain pull- out ion generator and dust collection panels
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