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Irri-Tape is a visual bird deterrent made from an iridescent foil mylar that’s used to scare birds away from outdoor areas. The wind and sun will move and reflect off the tape creating a visual and audible disturbance in the area that birds will want to avoid.



Cost-effective, simple bird control method!

This holographic foil bird tape is designed to to utilize sight and sound to scare birds away from the area.

This visual scare product goes by many names including Irri-Tape, foil tape, flash tape, bird tape, repeller ribbon, mirror tape, reflective tape, mylar tape, holographic tape and more

Bird tape is often used in agricultural applications like farms and vineyards. Irri-Tape holographic tape flapping in the wind, protects rows of grapes at almost every vineyard. You simply tie strips of Irri-Tape to areas where birds have become a problem.

Details & Application

  • Dimensions: width 2”, thickness 2mm
  • Material: polyester
  • Simple, cost-effective, and easy to instal
  • Iridescent material shimmers in the sunlight, disorienting pest birds
  • Foil tape makes metallic noises as it flaps in the wind, threatening birds
  • Birds are blocked by the tape and its brackets on any surface
  • Irri-Tape can be used for all species of pest birds
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