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Terminator Tube – Termite Control

No more mess, no more cement filling after drilling and chemical treatment. Just insert Terminator Tube into the drilled hole. Easy to re-inject at a later date just lift plug apply your treatment then just re-insert the plug. It’s that simple.


Terminator Baiting System -TBS

  • The Terminator Tube is the world’s first non-chemical and non-toxic professional termite monitoring and attractant baiting system.
  • The Terminator Tube’s bait uses an organic attracting formula that gives off a phermone which attract termites.
  • The Terminator Tube not only eliminates the colonies, but most importantly provides a full property barrier defence system which keeps new termite infestation at bay.
  • Made from low profile, high impact materials, it provides virtually unbreakable service for years to come.

Signs Of Termite Infestation

  • Broken branches on healthy trees.
  • Mud leads on trees, foundation wall or other parts of the house.
  • Damaged wood or any cellulose-based materials


  • The Terminator Tube is the only water injection baiting system (optional), making it suitable for tropical and arid climates.
  • Child proof locking lid. Large tube size helps eliminate colonies effectively.
  • Environmentally friendly, low profile, high impact materials, provides years of virtually unbreakable service.
  • Bait materials comprise of natural timber and an organic termite attractant which has shown a success rate of more than 85% in tests so far.
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